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Insurance - Risk Management - Consulting

We are Neil | Benton Arts & Entertainment

A modern agency for a changing media landscape.

At Neil | Benton we look around and see a media and event production industry that is moving and evolving faster than it ever has in history. Yet many of the insurance and risk management companies which serve this industry seem to be missing it. Neil | Benton was designed from day one to recognize and adapt to the evolving needs of modern production clientele.


We envision a production industry without artificial barriers to entry and a smooth continuum of care between the needs of emerging media entrepreneurs and established production companies.


To offer industry leading insurance, risk management and business consulting products for all levels of production clients, provided through modern, on-demand sales and service channels.

Who You Work With Matters...


We help you choose the right limits, the right coverage, at the right time.

CARE Matters

We pay attention, we ask questions, we’re available when we’re most needed.

COST Matters

We know money doesn’t grow on trees, we find coverages that meet your needs and budget.

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