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About Us

At Neil | Benton we deeply appreciate contributions from many industries and professions, but feel privileged to spend our time serving poets and producers, freelancers and filmmakers, makers and musicians, directors and designers, artists and actors. Professions of the creative enterprises that represent the aspirational, challenging, beautifying, entertaining and educational aspects of the human experience.

Whether you provide large scale event management, commercial production services, feature or documentary filmmaking, live theater, music, dance, television programming, web series, editing, graphic design, online marketing, rental equipment, educational opportunities, or any other production or creative enterprise, we applaud your contributions and want to work with you!

What we do.

Our SERVICES define areas of particular expertise that allow our company to create value for clients.


In the production industry, insurance equals access. Whether for a set location, a vital piece of equipment, or union cast and crew, proper insurance protections are a necessity. Obtaining correct coverages at the lowest cost from an agency familiar with your profession is critical to the success of your project and company.

Risk Management

Eliminating and minimizing avoidable risks wherever possible is key to your organization’s short term and long term potential. We assist all clients with identifying and managing areas of potential risk. For our larger clients we provide proactive analysis services aimed at exposing issues before they become problems.


Whether a company or a freelancer, all production professionals face the common questions and growing pains of operating small to medium sized businesses. Our staff have decades of experience in banking, incorporation, accounting, payroll, marketing and other vital areas. We help creative clients navigate unfamiliar entrepreneurial waters.


We provide effective, engaging educational resources to students, aspiring professionals, and established clientele. We have a number of developed workshops, including “Finance for Filmmakers” and “Risk Management 101”. Best of all, we provide these services at NO COST to as many groups as we can. We look forward to training with you!

Why we do it.

Our BELIEFS are ideas on which stand our ability to create value for our clients and communities.

Art is good.

We believe that creative industries (arts, entertainment, commercial, industrial and educational) supported by consumers and fans are inherently positive sum… More is more… All else equal, access to more great films, more educational documentaries, more inspired performances, more engaging entertainment, more beautiful art, more creative design, enhance the lives of individuals and the cultural environment in which they live. We thus believe that we create value for our communities by acting to increase the overall pool of contributors and supporting the ongoing success of existing contributors in the creative industries.