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Coverage | Care | Cost

Production insurance is not a commodity…

Who you work with MATTERS.

Movies, music, television, events, they are never quite cookie cutter… If a broker/partner is not listening closely and carefully they will miss the critical difference in your project or business that needs special attention. As we begin work with any given client, we make it a priority to learn who they are and how to best meet their needs. Neil | Benton has developed an analysis tool to ensure that every client receives the level of personalization their project or company requires. We call this framework: C3.

C3 is a way to provide consistent structured analysis, it drives our service and product offering decisions. We use this structure every day to ensure that we have a sufficiently comprehensive view of the client’s needs in mind when making important recommendations regarding insurance and risk management. It also drives the design and implementation of service functions, like hours of operation, communication channels, consulting and educational offerings.

Whether dealing with a large, medium, small or tiny company, C3 is our guide to providing them with needed protections, impactful customer service, at the lowest price. C3 is how we stay focused on these three critical dimensions for every client: Coverage, Care and Cost.

COVERAGE matters

We provide expertise on relevant risks and obtaining coverages to meet those needs.

CARE matters

We serve clients on their terms today, while preparing for tomorrow’s requests.

COST matters

You don’t spend money for fun… We ensure clients spend only what is necessary.

Client Stories

Critical Omission

The director called at noon on their first day of production, saying, “The SAG rep won’t let our cast go on set…” The production’s insurance broker had booked a policy with a $1M equipment floater but without worker’s compensation insurance, a mandatory coverage based on the union labor involved in the shoot… We were able to get them switched to an appropriate policy by the next morning so they only lost the one day on set.

Holiday Weekend

The call came in at 4:00 pm on Friday ahead of a the long Labor Day weekend. The first time filmmaker had just been notified he needed coverage for a location that Sunday. The owner had assumed he had a policy so hadn’t mentioned a certificate until the last minute… We have 24/7 coverage of our phones and email in case the unexpected comes up and we never leave early on Friday. We were able to have them booked and documentation in hand before 6:00 pm that night.

Claim Denial

The email came from the carrier stating that the stuntman’s back injury would not be covered. The insurer told us that stunt activities were excluded from the client’s policy… We went back to our detailed application, showed disclosure of the horse activities, and had the carrier reverse their original decision.

Fifty Percent Off

The very first client our agency ever had, came to us because of a concern over the price they were paying… We reviewed the policy, researched options and were able to save this small independent producer-director over $3,000 per year. We don’t normally do that well, but we do regularly save our clients money.

Claim Denial

“What are the oblivion pants, and how did they get ripped?” asked our client manager over the phone. The client responded that they had rented a pair of pants from one of the studio wardrobe departments, they were the pants Tom Cruise wore in the movie “Oblivion”. Unfortunately for the client, while they were cheap to rent, they came with a $15,000 replacement value if returned damaged in any way… We worked directly with the production’s wardrobe supervisor and seamstress to find a solution that satisfied the studio and avoided a claim.

Value of Service

The client was taken aback when we informed him we would not be recommending the lowest priced quote that year. Over the course of a couple years he had grown from a couple hundred thousand dollars in production cost to several million per year. The difference in premium between the lowest and our recommendation was significant… We described to the client their normal operations, we had detailed records of the number of emergency requests made by the client, the unusual and complicated activities that needed approval, and while we wanted to provide all of their options, we explained why we thought that for their particular service needs it was important to go with a more responsive carrier.